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  • Accountancy =
    the art of reckoning

    Ingenius Expert – accounting services Cluj

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  • We offer quality accounting services and have experience in relationship with the state authorities. We have a working system very organized, that we implement to al of our clients. We support administrative activities and have solutions for tax efficiency.

    We have a team made of professionals, with the mean age of 35 years and experience in accountancy of at least 5 years.

    Our professionalism is guaranteed by our membership of CECCAR , member GEJ.

Meet us:
Ingenius Expert – Accountancy Cluj

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    Olimpiu Ardeleanu

    — CEO & Founder
    • Financial accountancy
    • Asset management
    • Risk management

    Over 10 years of experience as a Manager or member of various boards, leading the growth financial strategies of the company. He has a constant preoccupation with the improvement of processes and systems. Excellent communication abilities, vision and strategic assessment, construction and implementation of sophisticated plans capacity. Positive financial results, demonstrable in any of the financial and economical projects.

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    Valeria Sviderski

    Key Account Manager
    • Intern accountancy of administration
    • Asset management
    • Cash flow management

    In charge of financial planing and the management of projects. Specialist in the drifting and verifying of annual budgets, implementation of financial procedures and measuring/estimating financial risks.

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    Liliana Mera

    Assistant Manager
    • Managerial communication
    • Planning and Organizing
    • Meeting Management

    Excellent communication, organization and prioritizing abilities .
    Tracking of the status of decision implementation and their progress, according to the requests, respecting each norm and work procedure.
    The maintenance of the relationship with the clients, company partners or colleagues, both through e-mail and on the phone. Contact person between the internal and external collaborators.

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    Livia Ardeleanu

    Client Services Analyst
    • Payment and HR
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Project Management

    Specialist in the drifting of forms of employment/dismissal in the company. Coordinator for the planning and the administration of the HR department’s activity and the updating of all the backlog situations: declarations, personal files, vacations.
    Project leader in the organizing and supporting of the whole process of recruiting and selecting: posting on the specialized sites, press, CV screening, interviewing, feedback candidates.

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    Marcela Fenesan

    Client Services Analyst
    • Accounting record
    • Financial Accounting
    • Financial project management

    In charge of the monitoring of the financial situations’ evolution in the company, of the drifting of annual reports and of the statement of income and expenses. The relevant experience in the implementation of procedures and financial practices.

Active domains for Ingenius clients

  • Financial accounting


    Cash flow management


    Asset management

  • Administration accountancy


    Financial management


    Payment and HR