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  • Our clients consider us a partner,

    not a simple provider, that offers a disinterested service, only to receive payment in exchange. We always find the best solutions and the most accessible ones for the problems that might appear.

  • How musch does it cost? Prices for accountancy Cluj

    Prices for accountancy Cluj
    Ingenius services are the same in terms of quality, regardless of the chosen activity package.
    Our service packages vary between 50-750 eur.

  • Our experience covers

    all kinds of services (from production, to commerce, professions etc). Together, we can find the most suitable service for your activity.

    We are flexible with everything that implies our relationship with our clients. As it should be, the services’ pricing is based on the complexity and the volume of our client’s activity.
    Our collaboration with our clients can be continuous, for activities as monthly accountancy, consultancy etc; or it can be punctual, for activities like accounting expertise, consultancy etc.

  • If we go to Ingenius accounting services, will we have to reli on our own hired employee?

    It depends on the volume of activities. The answer can be given only after a basic analysis of business activity. We are competitive in terms of pricing policy accounting Cluj.

    What would be your first steps?

    First we need to know. Then, in general, customers prefer to purchase a package of basic services, because after a few months we can establish together a customized solution the company needs.
    The package of basic services starts at 50 euro / month.